Anna Weber - designer & Artist

My name is Anna Weber, borned 1989 in Pforzheim, Germany and currently reside in the picturesque town of Tübingen, Germany. My artistic journey began after completing

my studies in fashion design and during my 8 years of professional experience as a designer in the denim industry.


Through my daily engagement with denim and an awareness of the immense amount discarded each day, the idea gradually took root to craft art from this material. Since 2017, I‘ve been giving space to my creative impulses and working as a freelance artist on the side.


Sustainability is a core principle for me.

I am focused on valuing and repurposing resources. I revel in using leftover fabrics that would typically end up in the trash. From these apparent remnants, I craft works that redefine the value of these materials. Through my artworks, I aim to sensitize people to the potential held within old clothing. It serves as a reminder of how precious our resources are and how often we treat them thoughtlessly. I invite observers to contemplate their relationship with clothing and consumption, urging them to question the notion of disposability. Ultimately, my art is a subtle call to action: Let us shape our world more consciously and recognize the richness within seemingly „used“ things.


I started in 2017 with my first artworks in denim named "The Denim Heads". The pictures are draped with whole garments on the floor, most commonly bottoms. I avoid destroying them, only to give respect to the clothes and to the work through other people. All pictures were taken with the mobile phone and then edited by photoshop. They only exist digitally.