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Anna Weber, born 15.09.1989 in Pforzheim, Germany



Studied fashion design in Reutlingen University of Applied Science with the graduation Bachelor of Arts.

-during my bachelor-thesis, I got the first idea to drape pictures with my clothes.



working as a junior denim designer for the german denim brand „Mustang Jeans“



making art with denim in my free time.


made some projects with


-‘Süddeutsche Magazin’  - „ Knitted Heads“-2015

- ISKO Denim Stop Motion-2019

- Sportswear International, The Service Issue #288 -2019                                                       


and via Instagram:


-DENIM ADDICTION - @denim.addiction

- the denim label ‘denimcratic’-@denimcratic

- GN Therapy - @gn_therapy



2018: - „Blue is not a boy color“,

             together with Evelina Kurak

             from the 02.03. 2018 until the 04. 03. 2018

             at Shedhalle in Tübingen, Germany


          -  Exhibition at Crämer & Co, Nürnberg Germany, (26.04.)


2019: -"Little Blue Valley" - Exhibition at Munich Fabric Start - Bluezone (29.01. - 30.01.)