The vision for my creations was to combine art and fashion to create something new.


As I work for a denim brand, I realized how many clothes are being thrown away every day due to today‘s consumer society and its ever-changing trends. This means that clothes are, for many people, worthless. To counteract this, I try to add value to garments through my art which conveys the message ‘ before you attempt to throw away your clothes or other things, just think about whether you can use it in any other efficient way’. I use these clothes to make art.


Today, recycling and sustainability are important subjects, which are also reflected in my work. Owing to mass production and the usage of toxic chemicals in the fashion industry, the environment is becoming more and more polluted. The result is that many people will die young because of consumption of toxins.
Denim is one of the most prevalent types of clothing that is treated with chemicals. Unfortunately, however, most people are not aware of this as this fact is often concealed, disputed, or suppressed by the fashion industry. But there are more sustainable and natural ways to get nice used-effects on a jeans as using chemicals is: Just wear it!

After some time, clothes are telling stories through their daily wear. Stories about us, about others, and about their own material characteristics. They will keep memories and

become unique. Just like an artwork.



My aim with my art is that people think more about what they´re wearing and how it affects our environment. Fashion should be fun, support us and should make us feel good. But it shouldn't make us sick in no way.


The pictures are draped with whole garments on the floor, most commonly bottoms. I avoid destroying them, only to give respect to the clothes and to the work through other people. All pictures were taken with the mobile phone and then edited by photoshop. They only exist digitally.